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1 on 1 COACHING, NUTRITION and ACCOUNTABILITY  completely TAILORED to your needs and experience level!

SPACE IS LIMITED because you will have a personal accountability coach and they can only handle a few clients at a time to make sure you get the attention that you need.

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I'm Coach Kraken (the guy in the video) Please watch before you proceed...


Our clients loved it, so we want to open it to the public. Work with us 1v1 Intensive VIP Coaching where we work DAILY with you and treat your transformation like it's our own.

We're doing this for one simple reason... In this crazy industry there is just so much fluff and we want to show you the path to your success with personal 1v1 coaching.

Yes, we'll be with you 100% of the way with your nutrition.

Yes, we'll be helping you with your exercise program.

Yes, you can shoot us a text and voice notes throughout the day and we'll tackle problems real time.

And yes, you'll have access to our entire team of Transformation Specialist to help guide you every step of the way.

Your success is our priority.




Alissa made a 70lb transformation and competed in bodybuilding and won 1st place in two classes. She has also competed in two powerlifting competitions and placed 2nd in both.



Josko made a 30lb transformation to the bodybuilding stage and placed 2nd and 3rd in two classes. He has competed in powerlifting placing 1st.


Kim S, has lost 40lbs and completely transformed her physique and lifestyle. Prior to coming to Kraken, she was never successful with diet and never stepped inside a gym.

Steven S. lost 60lbs and also improved his confidence, which completely changed his life. Before coming to Kraken, he has never lifted weights in his life and didn't know anything about proper nutrition.

Frazee D, lost 20lbs and competed in her first powerlifting competition. She started off extremely shy and anxious, and is now confident and works out 4x per week at a local gym.

Bob T. lost 20lbs and his abs are starting to show. Bob didn't know how to get rid of his gut and was avoiding wearing tight clothing. Now Bob knows how to workout and wears whatever he wants.

Suzana S. gained 25 lbs and is now confident and happy with her new physique. Prior to Kraken, she didn't know how to workout or diet. But she now trains 4x per week on her own at the gym and is currently prepping for her first bodybuilding competition.

  • Be coached by the best & no longer wander around at a gym, lost.
  • Eat real food that you enjoy. No fad diets or short-term fixes.
  • Enjoy a community of local people on the same path and have their support in achieving your goals.
  • Success is guaranteed with our Accountability System, we hold you to your goal.
  • Never walk this path alone. We got your back every step of the way.

Why are we giving your money back if you beat the challenge?

  • Our program has a 80% success rate within the first 42 days, join the alumni
  • Our goal is to help 1000 people in the lower mainland achieve their fitness goals - this will bring in a lot of traffic to help promote our business
  • We want to receive more testimonials, more reviews, and more before and after pictures than anyone else to prove we are the best
  • Our program is so effective that you will want to stay long term (6 weeks ain't enough)

Your Foundations For Your
Ultimate Success

Coached Exercise

Work with a professional coach every time you come to train. Know WHY & WHAT you are doing every time you step foot in our facility. Our coaches give you the education and support to ensure absolute success.

Nutritional Planning

Follow your custom nutrition plan and never make a mistake with food again. The plans are simple to follow and perfect for those with little time. We will also teach you meal prep and give you access to our Virtual Cookbook so you never get bored, only results.


Stay fully committed with our Accountability program and personal support coach. We assign you a mentor throughout the process to make sure you do the work correctly and achieve the goals you desire. Every successful individual needs support on their way to massive success.

Community of Support

This is where its truly at peeps. When you BELONG to something, it gives that something more meaning. Our team at Kraken Training are truly some of the best people on earth. They greet you like family on your first day and will be there to support you on your journey. We hold client events all the time where we get together and have a blast! Just wait until you meet these people. You will stay just for them!


Understanding that lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that stops you from ultimate success. Lifestyle is everything in fitness beyond exercise and nutrition; sleep, stress, and emotions. These are all important factors to help you understand how to look and feel better.


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